Digestive Teatox : The Real GUT HEALING Tea

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Digestive Teatox : Your NO.1 HERBAL Health Tea

  • Handcrafted Natural indigenous African Herbs Like oleifera leaves, senna leaves  & peppermint leaves etc
  • It soothes the stomach,  flushes old stale poop in the colon that can trigger diseases in the   digestive tracts  without any SIDE EFFECTS
  •    Promotes Cleansing and balances the body’s PH level
  •  This tea has  got all our customers  talking about the benefits of a  Real herbal tea.
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 Empty a DETOX teabag into a handful of Banana smoothie

 stir and eat together with the leaves for proper absorption and colon cleansing.

 Stay hydrated during and after detoxification

 Do not indulge meals in between DETOX as this may alter the process

 Remember! Detox day are stay home days.


How to Use the rest of the teas

1. Pour freshly boiled hot water over the teabag and steep for 2-5mins

Best served with lemon /lime and honey to enhance taste and boost immunity.

Not to be taken by children under the age of 12 and pregnant women or nursing mothers.

This tea is only a magic portion if you
Combined with exercise and a calorie-controlled diet

✅ Shelf Life is 7 DAYS
storage – Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture

Ingredients type;

  • vegetarian organic.
    Green tea leaf,
  • oleifera leaves
    Peppermint leaf
    senna leaf
    Ashwagandha roots powder

Total Weight: 40grams (15Teabags + one  detox bag )

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