Don’t like lime? Go for Lemon

Lemon is a sister fruit to lime: they belong to the same citrus family; they are both rich in nutrients, and share the same nutritional compositions in equal or varying amounts.

Lemons have a sourer taste than lime which is mostly bitter and sometimes, sour but they are both acidic. And they also have different colours with the latter been green and smaller; the former, yellow and bigger.

Although lime is readily available and more affordable in the local market than lemon at a larger quantity, those who are conscious of health and diet can go for lemons to add to their nutritional diet as a good dietary fiber for their daily needs of Vitamin B-9.

The vitamin C content of the two fruits and low calories composition make them a good substitute for another.

Lemon has less carbohydrates and more protein than lime. It contains more Vitamin C than lime: 100 grams of lemon contain 53 milligrams of vitamin C while 100 grams of lime contain just 29 milligrams of Vitamin C. The higher vitamin C content of lemon makes it a slightly better option.

For a woman in her pregnancy, lemon contains more folate than lime, 11mg to 8mg. Folate is a very essential nutrient during this period.

Mainly, limes and lemons contain limonoids that support most favorable health. Limonoids helps to treat & prevent cancer.

Both citrus fruits are frequently used in food and drinks, as well a variety of household products. They add flavour to salads and pasta dishes and squeezed over fish and meat.

Lime is used in making aromatherapies and perfumes whereas Lemon is used in making cleaning products and air fresheners. it is also favourable to treat some throat lozenges.

Lemon water can be used as substitute for lime water. Considering that lemons are bigger in size and less acidic, mixing with water can add better flavour. Also, the fact that lemons have a slightly higher sugar content than lime, they make a sweeter drink.

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